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Find Out Why You're Losing Sleep

You may need to take a sleep apnea test at Atlantic Sleep Health in Galloway, NJ

Not all sleep disorders are the same. That's why different tests are necessary for diagnosing different conditions. You can come to Atlantic Sleep Health Diagnostic Associates, LLC for a polysomnogram, pap therapy, multiple sleep latency test or a maintenance of wakefulness test in Galloway, New Jersey.

A polysomnogram is when you visit our lab for a general assessment. We'll monitor your brain waves, heartrate, breathing and limb movements to diagnose any sleep disorders. The multiple sleep latency test examines how long it takes for you to fall asleep during the day as a test for narcolepsy. Finally, our home sleep apnea test can be taken at home using our state-of-the-art technology. We can even test for seizures, if necessary.

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Stay awake on the road

Are you a commercial driver? Staying awake on the road is of the utmost importance to your job. That's why we offer a maintenance of wakefulness test. This allows you to prove the effectiveness of your PAP therapy to keep your commercial driver's license and continue your career.

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